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Tim in The Garden Room


  • From a woman successfully treated with Sciatic-type pain:

"Dear Tim,
I want to thank you for all the care and consideration you have taken through my course of treatment.
To have most of the pain that has troubled me for a number of years alleviated is wonderful and I am now able to deal with everyday tasks.
Both John and I wish you every success and will recommend you at every opportunity.
With best regards, M and J. O'"

  • From a man helped with an acute chest infection and blocked sinuses:

Thanks for the 'treatment', it certainly helped.

  • From a woman with low energy, and acute emotional stress from the grief following a recent and close bereavement:

"Dear Tim,
Just wanted to reiterate my thanks for the acupuncture session on Saturday. Since then I have felt calmer and more at peace. I am sorry if my reaction, which took me as much by surprise as it did you, was distressing, yet you handled it compassionately and totally professionally. I couldn't have been in better hands. Your treatment untapped grief and enabled it to flow. It was healing emotionally as well as physically and I can't thank you enough.

  • Bursitis

I honestly can't believe it but after 11 days since my treatment with you my bursitis seems to have disappeared. I have been in excruciating pain with my hip for more than 12months now. I’ve had two guided injections with no relief. I cannot believe the difference.
C. Jones October 2021

  • For Sciatica:

Must tell you ~ your treatment worked really well ~ no twinges after long drive ~ it's settled down to an awareness of it with no pain and I can move normally again ~ thank you so much ~ hope you're having a good day and all's well :) love to all Txxx
DTCW October 2021

  • For Sciatica:

Hi Timothy,
This is just to let you know that your treatment has improved my sciatica. It is getting better by the day. Thanks - Wayne.
Wayne H. October 2021

  • From a woman recovering after severe renal fatigue:

Seems as good as time as any to tell you how glad I am to have found you and your clinic how grateful I am for all the help you've given me!"

  • From a man unable to stay asleep and with painful joints:

"... so I can say on balance that your treatment has been a great success. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me, and wish you well and every success in the future and I am sure you will be of great assistance to many other sufferers. I know if there is any problem in the future I will instantly think of you Tim because I believe you will have an answer to my problem joint pains and erratic sleep patterns, again: Thank You."

  • From Richard M of Cheshire:

Richard says: "As you may remember, I consulted you on the advice of my GP. I was a little sceptical initially, but not now. Shoulder now fully restored - another Garden Room success story! Thank you".

  • From Samantha of Bury:

"Morning Tim, Yes - my anxiety is a lot less now, I've woken up this morning with no heat, no shaking, nothing - xx " .

  • From Ms C of Yorkshire suffering with PMS and indigestion problems:

Ms C says: "Thank you so very much. I have felt real improvement with PMS since our last session and also with my digestion".

  • From Susan H

"Hi Tim: It's been two weeks since my last acupuncture and I'm pleased to say I'm still sleeping well and the numbness in my hands is not as severe. I still get an 'ache' across my upper back after doing housework, gardening, etc but nothing like the pain I had before. Thank you for the two sessions and I shall definitely contact you again if the problem goes worse.
Regards Susan H

  • From Irene, with Sciatica - March 2023

Hi Timothy - I would just like to send you a little message to thank you: My sciatica has completely gone; it took a good few days after my treatment, but I'm pleased to say I'm now pain free. I will be coming to see you again in the future to get your help with my anxiety and sleep problems.

  • From Sam of Tottington with severe back pain:

"I feel amazing Tim. You're a miracle worker. THANK YOU! x x

  • From Jamie of Bury with Achilles Tendon pain which was preventing him running when he came for acupuncture

""[I] Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the acupuncture and the service was great. Secondly, I ran the half marathon this Sunday; I was going great until the 10km mark, my achilles was absolutely fine throughout, it was my left hip that caused me a lot of problems. I managed to battle through and finish at 1:54, which is 2 minutes off my best. Not bad considering I haven't run for 2 months".

  • From Mrs M of Cheshire, a life-long sufferer of IBS:

"[I] Already feel better than I have in months. Maybe to you treatment wasn't perfect. To me it was incredible. Truly. And it gave me hope this thing could be kicked, which after the last few months is nothing short of a miracle. "

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